Our Clubs

Far North Coast Baseball Association consists of six active clubs, spread throughout the Northern Rivers and Far North Coast areas. Marist Brothers, Redbirds, Norths and Workers all train and play in Lismore, while Ballina Sharks and Casino both train and play in there respective towns. 

For season 2020, we have 4 teams in each of our senior divisions, and between 2 and 4 in each of our junior age groups. 

Senior Competition
Major League: Brothers, Redbirds, Workers and Norths
Div 1: Ballina, Brothers, Redbirds and Workers
Div 2: Redbirds and Workers
Div 3: Workers, Casino, Brothers, Norths

Junior Competition
Under 20s: Workers and Redbirds
Senior League: Workers and Norths
Junior League: Norths, Workers, Redbirds and Brothers
Little League: Redbirds, Norths, Brothers and Workers
TBall: Our tballers play as Far North Coast, learning new skills and taking part in a variety of games. 




Marist Brothers