Timberjacks 2020

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Timberjacks 2020 has been cancelled. 
Further information will be released in early 2021 for next years series. 


 Timberjacks International Friendship Series


The Entry Fees are due with Nomination.

Team Nomination Fee - $ 400.00

"No Umpire" Fee - $ 150.00 (See Below for Explanation)

"No Scorer" Fee - $ 150.00 (See Below for Explanation)


(Fees are payable upon nomination)

"Team Nomination" forms MUST be accompanied by all fees payable and are due by:
Please send to "The Secretary", Far North Coast Baseball Association, PO Box 897, Lismore NSW 2480.


No nomination will be accepted beyond: . There is no early bird system. No nomination will be accepted without payment of the above ENTRY fee.


Team Nomination Fees for withdrawals are not refundable. Umpire and Scorer fees are refundable.



Umpires are to be accredited. This is an ABF requirement for a tournament.   Umpires will be required to report to the Umpires Room before all games and at the beginning of the tournament.   The umpire fee is to ensure that regions bring their own umpires.  

Scorers are preferred to be accredited.